In days gone by, ensuring you had the home of your dreams probably meant you had to buy. But renting has changed — and no one knows that better than the award- winning rental experts at Get Living


More people than ever are renting their home — and for longer. With the first rung of the housing ladder getting further out of reach for many, and a shift towards a more flexible, subscripti­on- style way of living and working, the rental sector has upped its game to offer tenants a lifestyle choice.

Profession­al build- to- rent companies have championed a better and more rewarding experience by providing a simpler, more transparen­t, customerfo­cused service.

Get Living are the largest of these operators in the UK, with more than

2,800 homes for rent across London and Manchester, and they have been named Landlord of the Year at the Resi Awards for the past three years.

They cut out the middle man so you don’t deal with any agents, meaning there are no hidden fees or security deposits ( subject to references) — so the price you see on the website is the price you pay.

They’ve also simplified the paperwork and taken the pain out of the reference process, saving you time to do the things that matter, and if there are any niggles,

a dedicated on- site team is available seven days a week to help.

Get Living also understand what renters want from their homes, and build them with this in mind. Bigger isn’t always better but when it comes to housing, it is. Brighter and smarter, too, with a range of layouts and interior collection­s, and the freedom to decorate, so you can create a space that’s just right for you.

The company’s ethos is “sleep in your home, live in the neighbourh­ood,” which is why they work with independen­t retailers to bring each place to life with its own character and energy.

Restaurant­s and cafes offering every cuisine, quirky bars and craft beer taprooms, beauty salons, laser tag, yoga studios and gyms — everything you need, and possibly more, is on your doorstep.

Furthermor­e, to help foster a sense of community, Get Living ensure there is an all- year- round programme of free events and activities for residents to get involved with. Learn to paint like Banksy, make home- made sausage rolls, try gin- tasting. In short: Get Living and do more.

“Everything you need is on your


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