No “gay gene”

The largest genetic study on sexuality has shown that there is no single gene that makes someone gay. Published in the journal Science, the findings are based on the genes of 500,000 people. It identified at least five parts of the human genome connected to sexuality; none alone being powerful enough to predict same- sex attraction. This fits with earlier studies showing that while there is some genetic influence, it’s multi- factorial with nurture and environmen­t being involved, too.

Chlamydia vaccine

Chlamydia is the most common STD and treatment usually requires antibiotic­s. However, many people do not develop symptoms and can pass it on without realising. Now, researcher­s are one step closer to developing a vaccine after a study demonstrat­ed that new medication was safe and potentiall­y effective.

This could mean that people will be able to get vaccinated to reduce the chances of infection and developing complicati­ons.

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