Juno Roche/ Jessica Kingsley We’ll never grasp our true potential if we rely on others to define who or what we are. In this radical, energising and liberating reappraisa­l of the scope and power of trans consciousn­ess, Juno Roche recalibrat­es trans as an identity with its own power and strength that transcend the gender binary. In a series of captivatin­g conversati­ons with leading trans figures including Kate Bornstein, Travis Alabanza, Josephine Jones, Glamrou and E- J Scott, themes of race, bodies, sex and the self are explored. An inspiring, empowering book that is very real and staggering­ly visionary. Trans is beautiful. Trans is powerful. Trans is amazing. Juno Roche is the author of Queer Sex. Out 21 October

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