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What’s your top Attitude Awards memory?


Cliff Joannou,

editor- in- chief

Where do I start? The host who had an intern buy two bottles of tequila for them and got sloshed on stage. The police who visited an award- winning comedian’s hotel room following a heavy partying session. Or the prominent actor who hosted an orgy in his room with other awards guests. I should clarify, I wasn’t involved in any of these shenanigan­s!

Mike Buckley,

head of partnershi­ps

I remember a very surreal experience in 2014, having to apologise to Naomi Campbell in the Green Room because the show was running late, while the brilliant Carrie Fisher and her French bulldog Gary looked on

Darren Styles OBE, managing director

Attitude Awards year one, the venue a restored but deconsecra­ted church. Pandemoniu­m within: burly sorts putting up tables, caterers following with linen and cutlery, audio system cranked for soundcheck. All doors open to the October chill, the evening’s host, Evan Davis, standing alongside, as Marina Diamandis delivers Primadonna acapella with a clarity that would shatter glass

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