The big 3- 0

Drag Race judge and choreograp­her

TODRICK HALL found himself in the middle of a PR firestorm when a former dancer accused him of shoddy business practices and being a bit of a creep! Despite Todrick’s latest video

Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels being a viral success, this dancer — one of 60 on set — wasn’t paid. That’s not news to All Star Manila Luzon, however, who tweeted that Todrick still hadn’t paid her for a party she worked at for him more than a year ago. Tight arse!

Speaking of All Stars, TATIANNA went and got herself arrested for disorderly conduct when she trespassed through the employees- only door of a nightclub — being led out in handcuffs. Like any good queen, she was quick to spot a marketing opportunit­y and turned her mugshot into a charming line of tees, mugs and apparel. Choices!

Finally, season eight runner- up and make- up master KIM CHI has royally pissed off the good people of Orlando by cancelling her appearance with them not once, not twice, but five times. Does the cow not like money? The event organisers took to social media to smack her down for unprofessi­onalism.

Get her telt!

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