Lighten the mood this Christmas by “hygge”- ing up your home


Christmas is just around the corner and we all know what that means: ‘ tis the season to be jolly. Or so we’re told.

Bing Crosby’s oh- so- cheery carol doesn’t quite capture the stress that the holidays bring. Like having to practise and perfect your “Oh, my God, I absolute love it!” face when your boyfriend presents you with another rubbish gift. Or the lack of vegan options around the dinner table. Not to mention the fa- lala- la- la- ming family rows. Deck the halls with drama, more like.

But this year is going to be different because we’re trying something new and introducin­g a touch of “hygge” into our homes, which is the Danish art of happiness. What exactly does that feel like? Well, just close your eyes and imagine Mariah Carey checking her bank balance as the profits pour in for All I Want For Christmas is You and you’re there.

Even if you don’t have millions in the kitty, it is all about creating comfort, cosiness and peace ( the latter may be an impossibil­ity once the board games/ all- out war has commenced). All in the details, “hygge” can be achieved with something as seemingly small as lighting a scented candle to create the right ambience and perhaps diffuse the tension building with a relative who has sunk one too many sherries.

On hand to help you, ahem, sleigh the celebratio­ns are Notino and their wonderfull­y whiffy range of fragrant candles guaranteed to lighten the mood, including Bath and Body Works’ Winter Candy Apple candle, which really cuts to the core of the festivitie­s and will snuff out any Grinch- like grumbles with a single sniff. While for a touch of elegance, you can’t go wrong with a Diptyque candle, as calming as Xanax in wax form.

We’re also super sweet on DW Home’s mouth- watering range, notably vanilla and sugar cane, and burnt toffee. They smell good enough to eat — but please refrain, that really would ruin Christmas. For something a bit more out- there, go for the 54 Celsius PyroPet Unicorn candle, which reveals its golden skeleton as it burns. So, we’re not the only ones who have the horn over Crimbo then…

Offering a flicker of hope for the holigays, you’ll reach the end of your wick for all the right reasons.

“It is all about creating comfort, cosiness and peace this Christmas”

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