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I like my running shoes the way I like my drag queens: they’ve got to look sickening, have just the right amount of padding, and be very comfortabl­e with getting absolutely filthy at the weekend.

Trying out a pair of Saucony Ride ISO 2 for the Windsor Half Marathon on a wet Sunday in September, proved to be a treat.

Like a lot of runners under the influence of Christophe­r McDougall’s

Born to Run, I gravitate towards smaller shoes with thinner soles, and I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to have so much cushioning underfoot.

Initially, I felt as if I was better prepared to go deep- sea diving than running, but as I began training, these concerns quickly evaporated and I started to appreciate the shoe’s structure. First, it’s surprising­ly light, with the Powerfoam mid- sole adding bulk not weight.

As I clocked up the miles, I found the sole became flatter and tougher, and felt more reactive. Although the size limited my movements a little on tight corners, they gave ample sturdy support on longer training runs. Importantl­y, the fit was snug and responsive, aided by three layers of Formfit, a new foam that moulds t o the unique shape of your foot.

Wet and windy race- day conditions didn’t fill me with confidence, and may have been a challenge for lesser trainers, but wet grass, damp pavement and deceptivel­y tricky hills proved no problem for the Ride ISO 2s — their impressive grip stopped me from slipping and allowed me to enjoy the stunning scenery of Windsor Great Park. The trainers really came into their own on the downhill sections of the route, giving me the control I needed.

Stumbling over the finish line in just under 90 minutes, I realised that I couldn’t have picked a better shoe for this particular race. It’s true: sometimes bigger is better. Price: £ 120.

Review by John Brooks

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