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Harry is back to light up our world


Harry Styles is back, and the video for Lights Up... well, let’s just say that when I die I’d like you to send my body to Harry to be identifi ed. The track is a truly bisexual bop and the former 1D star’s most self- confi dent release to date: “Lights up and they know who you are.” Harry produced his forthcomin­g second album at Rick Rubin’s ShangriLa studios in Malibu, California ( where he and his band listened to Paul McCartney), and he’s said his new music is basically about sex and feeling sad. A mood. I’m quite excited to see if there’s a song about eating Domino’s and watching porn, a routine Sunday for me.

Harry’s new work has brought all the boys back to the yard. Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam all have new music out too, and helpfully I’ve just listed their names in order of how good they are. You’re welcome. I love you Liam but honestly, when are you going to stop appropriat­ing hip- hop? We all know you’re the Gary Barlow of the group.

Todrick Hall’s Haus Party Pt2 is a major queer dance off . Cake Pop is a celebratio­n of the bootayyy, while Wig feels like 3am at G- A- Y right after the straights have left.

It’s awesome to have Todrick flipping hip- hop music’s stereotypi­cal misogyny into a wild ride for us g ays.

Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan are back too, but you already know that because Twitter is in meltdown. This is the original line- up’s fi rst song since 2013’ s underrated Flatline, and now that they’re legally allowed to call themselves Sugababes again, they’ve jumped on DJ Spoony’s Garage Classical album ( which is pretty amazing).

The girls have recorded a spell- binding cover of Sweet Female Attitude’s hit Flowers, and teased new music. I bet Heidi, Amelle, Lizzie Cundy,

Kim Woodburn, Helen Daniels, Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram account, and

Jade, can’t wait.

Did I forget anyone?

“When I die, send my body to Harry to be identifi ed”

 ??  ?? Sugababes
 ??  ?? Harry Styles in the Lights Up video
Harry Styles in the Lights Up video

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