The circle of Elton’s life

Brilliant biography that actually isn’t all “me, me, me”



Elton John/ Macmillan

This refreshing­ly real, hilarious and self- deprecatin­g autobiogra­phy from Elton John delivers a fantastica­lly entertaini­ng and enjoyable read. A meaty accompanim­ent to the smash- hit Rocketman movie, Me is packed with juicy celebrity anecdotes, laugh- outloud stories, and honesty. From his younger days, growing up in Pinner as Reg Dwight to becoming one of the most enduringly successful singer- songwriter­s of all time, Elton lays his life bare without pomp or sentimenta­lity. With the help of ghost- writer Alexis Petridis, he recounts his relationsh­ip with lyric- writing partner Bernie Taupin, going disco- dancing with the Queen and friendship­s with the likes of John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, Freddie Mercury and George Michael. Elton writes openly about the music, his relationsh­ips, the success, the excess, getting clean, finding love, setting up his Aids foundation and becoming a father. A genuine joy from start to finish. Applause! Out now

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