Before you go


Staying power

A new 114- hour transit visa allows visitors with a flight outbound of China to visit Chongqing without the complicati­on of having to get an extended visa for the rest of the country. But if you want to stay longer or visit other cities, your best bet is to book with Wendy Wu Tours, the only UK tour operator offering a China visa service.

Hidden agenda

Before I arrived in China the one piece of advice I got from everyone was to get a Virtual Private Network ( VPN). Many websites and social media platforms are blocked so a VPN is a cheap and easy way to give you access to those websites and hide what you are looking at online. Try NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Cashing in

The social network WeChat has become the go- to way to pay for almost everything in China, so much so that the government has had to make it law that businesses still except cash. But many outlets in the region do not accept Visa, Mastercard or even debit cards from foreign banks so remember to take dosh.

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