Levan Gelbakhian­i, Bachi Valishvili, Ana Javakishvi­li, Giorgi Tsereteli

Make a note of the names Levan Akin and Levan Gelbakhian­i: the director and star of this achingly graceful Swedish- Georgian gay ballet romance, the big hit of last year’s LGBTQ festival circuit. They should be global successes soon enough. Set in a strict Tbilisi ballet academy, where male dancers’ muscles are pulled as taut as their desires, talented student Merab ( Gelbakhian­i, himself a mesmerisin­g ballet profession­al) is told by his instructor­s that “there is no sex in Georgian dance.” However, when he sees rebellious new arrival Irakli ( Valishvili), it’s clear he’ll prove them wrong. As the two men become rivals and lovers, the ensuing duet is classicall­y swoon- worthy and straight- up hot. After all, it’s not every film that offers you a sexy shirtless dance to Robyn’s Honey.

See p44. 13 March

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