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It’s a ques­tion so many of us are try­ing to an­swer th­ese days. Which ’90s cars are set to be­come clas­sics? Well, for starters, a clas­sic car needs to res­onate. And given lots of ’90s cars were, well, rather bland, that could be tricky. How­ever, there are ex­cep­tions – the Peu­geot 406 Coupé, for ex­am­ple, or the sharp-suited Alfa Romeo GTV. Rar­ity will fac­tor in, too, and as the scrap­page scheme has led to a num­ber of cars from this decade meet­ing an early end, there are sur­pris­ingly few ex­am­ples of some once-pop­u­lar mod­els left. A fu­ture clas­sic will need to have a strong fol­low­ing, so check on­line fo­rums such as Pis­ton­heads and own­ers’ clubs to see what’s be­ing dis­cussed. Fords usu­ally have a fa­nat­i­cal fol­low­ing so cars like the Puma are a safe bet for de­ifi­ca­tion. One give­away of a car hav­ing po­ten­tial clas­sic sta­tus is whether you lusted af­ter it when you were younger. It’s cars that evoke that sort of strong emo­tional at­tach­ment that buy­ers are most likely to chase af­ter in years to come.

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