Scoop: new Porsche 911

Spy pics and hy­brid de­tails


Porsche is pre­par­ing to re­veal the eighth­gen­er­a­tion 911 at Novem­ber’s Los An­ge­les mo­tor show, but now the new model, co­de­named 992, has been spot­ted vir­tu­ally undis­guised while test­ing.

Evo­lu­tion­ary de­sign tweaks will be brought in for the re­vised model, but ex­ten­sive changes to the pow­er­train range will fea­ture. For the first time, every petrol en­gine in the 911 line-up will be tur­bocharged, mark­ing the end of nat­u­rally as­pi­rated units found in more hard­core vari­ants of the cur­rent 991.2-gen­er­a­tion model.

The new 911 line-up will also in­clude two new four-wheeldrive plug-in hy­brid mod­els, in­clud­ing a range-top­ping ver­sion with more than 600bhp and a top speed of nearly 200mph.

Al­though the Jaguar F-type ri­val will be launched with tra­di­tional com­bus­tio­nengined Car­rera and Car­rera S mod­els, the petrol-elec­tric ver­sions will be an in­te­gral part of the line-up. A senior Porsche of­fi­cial has told Au­to­car that Car­rera 4 E-hy­brid and Turbo S E-hy­brid vari­ants will be added to the model line-up in 2020. The 911 model range will even­tu­ally grow to 24 vari­ants.

The tech­ni­cal lay­out of the new 911 mod­els is cur­rently shrouded in se­crecy, al­though they are ex­pected to re­ceive a disc-shaped elec­tric mo­tor in two dif­fer­ent power out­puts housed within the gear­box. Space up front will be used to house a lithium ion bat­tery sim­i­lar in ca­pac­ity to the 14.1kwh unit used by the Cayenne E-hy­brid – a po­si­tion that,porsche sources sug­gest, pro­vides al­most per­fect 50/50 weight dis­tri­bu­tion.

The Turbo S E-hy­brid is claimed to eclipse the 572bhp and 553lb ft of the cur­rent twin-tur­bocharged 3.8-litre six-cylin­der 911 Turbo S. In­sid­ers at Porsche’s Weis­sach­based R&D cen­tre sug­gest it will offer more than 450kw (603bhp) of power.

The hy­brid 911s will fea­ture the firm’s tra­di­tional flat six en­gine with an elec­tric mo­tor, which, Porsche of­fi­cials have pre­vi­ously ad­mit­ted, was a pack­ag­ing chal­lenge. The de­ci­sion to add hy­brids to the range was in part driven by the need to meet the tight­en­ing EU CO2 reg­u­la­tions.

De­spite the added weight of the lithium ion bat­tery, the hy­brid’s greater low-rev torque will al­low for a sub-3.0sec 0-62mph time sim­i­lar to the cur­rent Turbo S’s.

That model is ex­pected to be priced sim­i­larly to the £147,540 cur­rent Turbo S. The Car­rera 4 E-hy­brid will be pitched at a sim­i­lar price to the Car­rera S, which costs £87,335. Both will be of­fered in coupé and cabriolet bodystyles.

The var­i­ous 911 test cars that have been spot­ted show the more haunched back of the new model, which re­sem­bles the 997-gen­er­a­tion 911 Speed­ster from 2011 – which was in turn in­flu­enced by the orig­i­nal 356 Speed­ster from 1954. That rear is un­der­stood to be purely a de­sign fea­ture, rather than to house the new hy­brid pow­er­trains. The rear also has sim­i­lar styling to Porsche’s al­l­elec­tric Tay­can sports saloon, which is due next year.

The ini­tial range-top­per of the new 911 line-up will be the Turbo S, which will fea­ture a 620bhp twin-turbo 3.8-litre flat six. It will use en­gine hard­ware from the GT2 RS to raise the out­put by 50bhp from the cur­rent Turbo S’s.

Be­low that will sit a Turbo model tipped to pro­duce about 570bhp, roughly 30bhp more than the cur­rent Turbo.

Both the Turbo and Turbo S will fea­ture wider rear arches and a fixed rear wing to sig­nal their po­tent per­for­mance – and each will have a top speed in ex­cess of 200mph and cover 0-62mph in less than 3.0sec.

The 911 GT3 will de­liver more than 500bhp, while stan­dard mod­els will get 10-15bhp more than the cur­rent Car­rera and Car­rera S.

The new 911 will be built around an evolved ver­sion of Porsche’s MMB struc­ture, which will be wider than the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion. Some of the early test cars sported wheel-arch ex­ten­sions, also point­ing to the car hav­ing a wider track than the pre­vi­ous model. That should im­prove sta­bil­ity and rear-seat space. The spy shots also showed cars will fea­ture a re­tractable rear wing, to aid high-speed sta­bil­ity.

The Turbo S E-hy­brid will have more than 600bhp and a top speed of nearly 200mph


Rear look has been in­flu­enced by the 356 Speed­ster’s PORSCHE 911

New 911’s cabin de­sign takes in­spi­ra­tion from the cur­rent Panam­era’s, with a large cen­tral screen and vir­tual but­tons

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