P289 BUX might have sur­vived the three-hour en­durance marathon, but in the lat­ter stages it was cling­ing to life by its fin­ger­nails. It was rat­tling like a tam­bourine come hour two and the en­gine felt as though it had lost a third of its power. Given how proud it had made us, I would have loved to keep it safe for a year and try to im­prove on fourth next time around, but sadly I have nowhere to keep it.

And that’s why I took the de­ci­sion to scrap it. I bid it a fi­nal farewell and walked away with £40. Here are the fi­nal sums: I spent £200 on the car, plus £500 on fuel, re­place­ment parts and the en­try fee. So that’s a to­tal spend of £700, mi­nus the £40 I got back. What bet­ter way to spend £660?

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