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Ac­cord­ing to Sta­tis­tica (a sta­tis­tics com­pany, sur­pris­ingly), the av­er­age an­nual mileage of a diesel car across all the ages it sur­veyed is 11,000 miles. That be­ing so, it’s fair to say that the 2001 diesel Golf GT that had 355,000 miles un­der its wheels and was knocked out at auc­tion for £210 re­cently was a high-miler.

To have been con­sid­ered av­er­age mileage, it would have done 187,000 miles. Not that any­one would have de­scribed it as such. In­stead, any­thing over 100,000 miles is rou­tinely de­scribed as high mileage and to be avoided. At least one Golf buyer wasn’t fazed.

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