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It must have been a wrench for Gerry Mcgovern and his for­ward-think­ing de­sign­ers to draw quite so heav­ily on the es­sen­tial look of the first Range Rover Evoque for their sec­ond it­er­a­tion, know­ing for sure that a cer­tain kind of critic would con­demn them for it.

In­deed, this has al­ready hap­pened. At a re­cent hacks’ pre­view, Mcgovern looked more than slightly weary as he fielded ques­tions on the mat­ter.

Yet it is per­fectly ob­vi­ous why this ap­proach is the best. The first Evoque scored one of the most phe­nom­e­nal, sus­tained and un­ex­pected suc­cesses in all Bri­tish car-mak­ing his­tory.

Its unique lines struck an in­stant chord with ev­ery­one, where­upon Mcgovern’s cel­e­brated blood­y­mind­ed­ness en­sured that their full value was de­liv­ered into pro­duc­tion. No pre­tender has come up with a ri­val with any­thing like the vis­ual im­pact. What fool would ditch such a de­sign as­set?

Evoque 2’s de­sign­ers have con­tented them­selves with re­fin­ing ev­ery de­tail of the new model, tak­ing ex­traspe­cial trou­ble with sur­fac­ing, util­is­ing the lat­est tech­nol­ogy (such as ever-slim­mer LED head­lights) and con­sol­ing them­selves with the knowl­edge that as kerb­side ex­perts get more fa­mil­iar with the new model, they’ll spot the moderni­sa­tion more eas­ily. It is there for all to see.

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