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What was the big­gest chal­lenge with this car?

“Pack­ag­ing. The chal­lenge is al­ways the bat­tery pack in the floor. This car is 138cm high. That’s lower than an A7. There is no com­pro­mise here. The E-tron GT is my big­gest achieve­ment so far.”

How im­por­tant is the E-tron GT for Audi’s broader design?

“Ev­ery three years, we have a step [change] in design. The lat­est one was last year with the A8. The next step will be this. This car is the next evo­lu­tion in our design in 2020, both ex­te­rior and in­te­rior.”

Tell us about the grille.

“For Audi, it would be a big mis­take to re­move the grille. So we said: why not in­vert it? It’s body colour. For me, it’s still an Audi but not with a com­bus­tion en­gine. This is the face of all our fu­ture EVS.”

Will the touch-glass door open­ing make pro­duc­tion?

“They could be too ex­pen­sive… Us de­sign­ers love de­sign­ing con­cepts with­out door han­dles. We present the design of ev­ery new car to the [Audi] board with­out han­dles!”

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