How to avoid London 11 June 1910


DRIVING THROUGH LONDON is never less than murder, and even the encircling M25 is often similar.

So it was more than a century ago, but the avoiding routes that Autocar suggested in 1910 speak volumes of the capital’s rapid and colossal sprawl in the early 20th century and especially after WW2.

Our primary north-south route suggestion went from St Albans in Hertfordsh­ire down to Enfield, farther south to Edmonton, then on to the Woolwich Ferry and cutting through Bromley to Croydon.

Our alternativ­e for the northern part went straight down to Barnet (rather than across to Enfield), to Tottenham, then eastwards into Leytonston­e, Ilford and Woolwich. At its closest to the heart of city, that’s now 11 miles inside the M25.

It’s sobering to think of so many country communitie­s being turned into clogged identikit suburbs.

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