Track notes


On MIRA’S dry handling circuit, the Vantage F1 Edition recorded a lap time only 0.2sec quicker than the standard car managed in 2018, but the way the car dealt with the fast T4 suggests that it has made a sizeable gain on downforce and high-speed cornering stability.

Through tighter bends, our test car worked its front tyres really hard, its optional carbon-ceramic brakes transferri­ng a lot of heat into the P Zero tyres up front and making fine adjustment of tyre pressure critical. A Cup tyre would probably have dealt with the high temperatur­es much better and resulted in more consistent front-axle bite.

The Vantage’s throttle-adjustable handling is accessible regardless of the condition of the front tyres, though. The way it surfs its way around third- and fourth-gear bends, slewing to ever-manageable slip angles, never fails to raise a smile.

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