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Watching the driver market for 2024 unfold was a wholly predictabl­e experience, with no changes made from the 20 drivers who ended 2023. Set against the backdrop of the Max Verstappen-red Bull dyad steamrolli­ng the field, driver transfers would have been a palate cleanser had they actually arrived from the kitchen.

The market for 2025 might be a little bit more intriguing. Five drivers have contracts locked in for next year: Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. Charles Leclerc looks to be committed at Ferrari too, but everything beyond that? Up for debate. Red Bull’s second seat alongside Verstappen is the hottest property on the market; if Sergio Perez underperfo­rms again, there will be numerous suitors all seeking to turn Christian Horner’s head over the course of the year.

There are further questions. Will Carlos Sainz continue at Ferrari? Will Fernando Alonso continue to prolong his evergreen career with Aston Martin? Can Alex Albon earn himself a return to a top team after two vastly impressive years at Williams?

And then there’s the effect of convergenc­e as the ground-effect revival enters its third year, which will also have its own effect on the market.

It may have been a static transfer period for 2024, but there’s a lot of potential for a reshuffle for 2025 as drivers look at opportunit­ies to join those set to start the new engine formula in 2026 in the best shape. Oh, and don’t forget the influence of some of F2’s brighter talents…

 ?? ?? No change for 2024, but things could get interestin­g ahead of 2025
No change for 2024, but things could get interestin­g ahead of 2025
 ?? ?? Jake Boxall-legge
Jake Boxall-legge

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