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Mixed power in the frame for DTM


The DTM is unlikely to adopt hybrid power in future, but series boss Thomas Voss has teased a scenario in which combustion cars compete against electric vehicles. Under the previous ITR regime, the DTM conceptual­ised DTM Electric, based on 1000bhp single-make cars, to start in 2024. But this was dropped following the series’ sale to the ADAC.

At the recent Autosport Internatio­nal Show, Voss told Autosport that car makers had expressed interest in an electric series with scope for developmen­t – unlike the previous DTM Electric concept – and believes that recent automotive trends make a hybrid pivot unlikely.

“To attract the car manufactur­ers, you should have a series and a car which is a manufactur­er car,” he said. “This is what DTM stands for, and this is what we are requested. We have to start now to develop something for 2028, 2030 or whatever. And this is what we’re doing.

“In case of hybrid cars, especially the German manufactur­ers all tell us, ‘We are doing LMDH cars, they are too expensive to run in the national series’, so they want to stay with GT3. Their future for road cars is battery-electric in Germany, so hybrid cars I don’t think will come to DTM.”

Voss believes there will be a crossover point where combustion cars running on synthetic fuel – something he targets “as soon as possible” – can race “in parallel” with electric cars, as the World Rallycross Championsh­ip is set to do in 2024. “I don’t think that combustion engine cars will stop and then the electric car will come,” he added. “There is room enough for that.”

The DTM currently runs on fuel from Shell with 50% renewable components.

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