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Stroll always puts many inputs into the steering wheel – there’s a lot of energy going on compared to Alonso. This was much more apparent in his early days at Williams, and he has calmed it down over time, but he’s still generally got a lot of movement on the wheel.

Even before he commits to a corner, while getting on the brakes, his hands are already moving. They seem like slight oscillatio­ns on the steering wheel and it can’t be very stabilisin­g for the car. They’re very small movements, so it’s fine details, but through corners Stroll is always making multiple steering inputs from entry to the apex – he’s not just making clear movements. In the high-speed turns, his hands seem to do a lot more work than others’. Where Alonso is just very clearly one strong movement that is dominating the car, Stroll’s energetic movements seem like questions, not commands.

But Stroll has got a turn of speed. There’s no doubt about it, even though he’s a driver who needs to feel confident to extract that speed. Confidence clearly contribute­d to his ballooning gap to his team-mate in 2023. In qualifying their average gap was over

0.3 seconds and, in the races, Alonso can extract performanc­e on a more consistent basis too. Stroll has days such as at Austin where his race pace was superb but, across the season on the whole, the gap between the two in terms of race pace wasn’t close.

Stroll’s driving style energises the front tyres very well, which is why he is often so good in the wet. But for tyre management races, it just doesn’t make things predictabl­e. On a long run, he’s not always necessaril­y on the same bit of asphalt each time. You see some variation in terms of line and entry points – it’s not always the same turn-in point into a corner, for example. And some of that comes from the corner pre-movement he displays.

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