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Anglesey bans electric and hybrid vehicles from its trackday events


Anglesey Circuit has banned electric and hybrid vehicles from taking part in general trackdays at the venue amid concerns about dealing with any safety issues that arise.

Bosses of the Welsh track say that such cars are welcome on circuit at manufactur­er-supported test days or – where relevant – at race events, when there is better infrastruc­ture in place to deal with any fires and other safety concerns.

Anglesey has “never encouraged electric and hybrid vehicles on trackdays”, but general manager Annette Freeman said that a few have appeared recently, leading to the decision to implement a ban.

“We’ve always been an environmen­tally friendly circuit and welcome manufactur­er testing of electric vehicles – we’ve had Mahindra come here – and that’s not an issue because they are fully supported,” she explained. “They bring all the bells and whistles to deal with any issues and it’s much more controlled. When you get to race meetings, it’s a fully supported event, all the cars are under permit and it’s a controlled environmen­t.

“For trackdays, you don’t have that level of scrutineer­ing. We’re seeing so many EVS on the road but, driving one on the track, the pressures and stresses on the car are very different to the road. It’s not that we are anti-electric or anti-new technology, but you have to be prepared for it.”

Freeman said the fundamenta­l concern is knowing how to respond to a problem with a specific type of car since the procedures can vary: “As a circuit, we don’t have the equipment or training at the moment to deal with that situation. I don’t want to put participan­ts, marshals and medics where they can’t respond to an incident.”

 ?? ?? Teslas won’t be seen at general Anglesey trackdays
Teslas won’t be seen at general Anglesey trackdays

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