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Couple reveal secret to 70-year marriage

- Stuart Reid stuart.reid@newsquest.co.uk

A COUPLE from South Ayrshire have revealed their secret to a long and happy marriage.

Elizabeth “Betty” McKie Dunlop, 89, and husband Robert “Bert” Dunlop, 93, recently celebrated their platinum wedding anniversar­y at Renaissanc­e Care’s Malin Court Care Home in Turnberry.

The couple originally met at St Quivox Church, Prestwick, in the early 1950s.

They first became acquainted after Betty’s brother, Samuel, introduced the pair believing that they would make a great match for each other.

When asked if it was love at first sight, Betty said: “Our love grew as we got to know each other. My brother was right – we are a perfect match!”

Betty worked as a district nurse around Ayrshire for many years, while Bert worked as ground crew for the Lancaster bombers based at RAF Kinloss after the end of the Second World War, before moving on to work as a policeman across Ayr, Catrine, Ballantrae and Girvan.

On advice for other couples looking to go the distance, the pair were adamant that it all came down to communicat­ion.

Betty said: “Always talk to each other and come to agreements together.

“You both must be able to compromise and come to a mutual agreement over what you want, or a decision cannot be made.

“When it comes to a successful marriage, it is all about love, talking things through and agreeing together.”

Both Bert and Betty said raising their family together, including two children Kenneth and Gillian, and a lapdog called Michelle, has been the greatest joy in life.

The pair now have four grandchild­ren and five great-grandchild­ren to cherish, based across Kilmarnock, Gloucester­shire and West Sussex.

Looking back on the past 70 years together, the couple agree that their strength has always been a mutual respect and reliance on each other, keeping their love strong over the last seven decades.

Bert added: “Betty is always there for me, and I am always there for Betty.

“We are always happy if we are simply just together. That’s what true love is.”

Louise Dunlop, care home manager at Malin Court, said: “It has been lovely to celebrate Bert and Betty’s anniversar­y in the home. Seventy years is such an impressive amount of time and is a testament to the strong love between the pair of them.

“Celebratin­g the big moments and milestones in our residents’ lives is a top priority at Malin Court. All the staff love to get involved and make these occasions as special as possible.”

 ?? ?? Bert and Betty Dunlop celebrated their anniversar­y at Renaissanc­e Care’s Malin Court Care Home in Turnberry
Bert and Betty Dunlop celebrated their anniversar­y at Renaissanc­e Care’s Malin Court Care Home in Turnberry

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