I will never for­give them

Sis­ter calls for probe into Sharon’s care

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The younger sis­ter of tragic Sharon Greenop has spo­ken pub­licly for the first time af­ter the mur­der ver­dict.

Shat­tered Diane Hogg, 44, wants an of­fi­cial in­ves­ti­ga­tion into the last months of her help­less sis­ter’s life.

She tells of 18 months of bot­tled- up anx­i­ety as she waited for the trial of her killer sis­ter Lynette and her niece Shayla, who was cleared of a mur­der charge.

Now she wants to know why the care sys­tem let Sharon down.

And she in­sists her side of the fam­ily will never speak to freed Shayla, 20, again.

In a pow­er­ful let­ter to her dead sis­ter Diane said: “I wept for what I should have done, I wept for what all the pro­fes­sional bod­ies should have done, I wept for every­one who knew you, most of all I wept for my dad he has lost ev­ery­thing, two daugh­ters and a grand­daugh­ter, a fam­ily dec­i­mated by an act that could have been pre­vented.”

Diane in­sisted she would have been there for any­one who couldn’t cope with car­ing for Sharon.

“I was and still am my own per­son you will never take that from me, but you took that from Sharon.”

“I am still look­ing for an­swers, Sharon “I’m go­ing to look to find out those an­swers, some­one is ac­count­able, the sit­u­a­tion within the house­hold was well doc­u­mented but some­one never looked and ac­cepted the rea­sons.

“I want an in­ves­ti­ga­tion.” Lynette is now serv­ing life in prison and Ayr stu­dent Shayla walked free af­ter a jury found her mur­der charge not proven by the slimmest pos­si­ble mar­gin.

Diane, a pro­fes­sional carer, has now taken her fa­ther into her fam­ily home in Dun­don­ald af­ter he could not take liv­ing in Muir­head any longer.

In the let­ter she wrote “I spend a lot of time try­ing to cope with my own emo­tions won­der­ing if I will ever feel happy again, can I stay strong for my dad.

“I’m all he has left, the pres­sure and weight of re­spon­si­bil­ity is phe­nom­e­nal

“I just want to dis­ap­pear, run away, pre­tend it never hap­pened but it has and it did.”

Diane and her fa­ther, Derek, gave ev­i­dence for the pros­e­cu­tion at the High Court in Glas­gow.

She went on: “I’m proud of my dad he man­aged to hold him­self to­gether and get through the day.

“Whereas the fragility of my emo­tional state came to the fore­front while giv­ing my state­ment.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stay strong for my dad but the emo­tion of ev­ery­thing I’ve car­ried for the last 18 months flooded out and I dis­solved into a state that I still carry up to this very day.

“Sharon, I owe you an apol­ogy for not sit­ting through the whole trial, but I wanted to re­mem­ber you for what you were, a quiet, mild man­nered soul who would do any­thing for any­one, not the shell of a woman who once was my sis­ter.

“I did at­tend clos­ing state­ments, I lis­tened to all par­ties, I wept for you once again Sharon.”

Diane said she was “dis­ap­pointed” Shayla was not con­victed.

And she has turned her back on her niece and in­sisted: “Shayla will never be in­volved in my fam­ily dy­nam­ics or be a grand­child to my fa­ther.”

I spend a lot of time won­der­ing if I will ever feel happy again

Vic­tim Sharon Greenop

Cruel Lynette with her niece Shayla, whose charge was found not proven

Shat­tered Diane Hogg

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