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Laundry bin thrown at window


A man emptied a laundry bin and attempted to break a window with it during a domestic dispute, a court heard.

Ross Tait, aged 23, of Blaney Avenue, Patna, appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, September 10. He admitted behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear and alarm and attempting to break a window in McAdam Way, Maybole.

The offence happened on August 2 and Tait also admitted lunging at his partner.

Jo Cunningham, the fiscal depute, told the court how the complainer, Ashleigh Smillie, and the accused were in a relationsh­ip for two years but that it had since ended due to the accused’s behaviour.

The complainer returned from work at 7.30am and found the accused and two others in the living room and kitchen.

She tried to wake him and his friends but he was “under the influence”.

The victim phoned a friend to come and assist.

They tried several times to wake them and at approximat­ely 8.20am they started to wake up and prepare to leave the property.

Mrs Cunningham said: “The accused, however, for whatever reason, emptied the laundry bin and tried to break the window with it. He then lunged towards the complainer, prompting her sister to intervene.”

The accused then went downstairs and left the property.

Tait’s defence solicitor said: “His parents are clearly concerned about this matter and his behaviour. He himself is concerned. The relationsh­ip has concluded.

“But there are matters that require to be resolved as they bought a house together.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie imposed a community payback order on Tait which requires him to be placed under supervisio­n for the next six months.

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