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Driver admits road charges


A disqualifi­ed driver has admitted a string of road traffic offences including dangerous driving.

Stefan Lacatusu, 30, appeared from custody alongside Gheorghe Ion, 22, and Dinu Gogolan, 21, who both deny stealing a mobile phone from HMC Salon on Dalblair Road on August 7.

Lacatusu, of Mansford Way, London, admitted driving with no insurance and while disqualifi­ed on the A77 Road at Crossrague­l Abbey, Maybole on August 7.

He admitted driving dangerousl­y by driving in excessive speeds and over the speed limit and while trying to negotiate a bend, did lose control of the vehicle which left the carriagewa­y and entered a field adjacent to the road and came to a halt.

Sentencing for Lacatusu was deferred until today ( Wednesday).

Ion, of Mansford Way, and Gogolan, homeless, will face trial on Friday.

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