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No opening late at Cheeky’s for racing


A police chief has objected to late opening at a Troon pub after three assaults.

Cheeky Charlies wanted a 3.30am close during three nights for the Ayr Gold Cup.

But a councillor questioned why the Templehill venue should stay open as the racing weekend is in Ayr.

South Ayrshire Police Chief Inspector Brian Anderson voiced concerns about the late licence applicatio­n.

He told the South Ayrshire Council licensing board three assaults had taken place at the night spot.

Cheeky Charlies boss Christophe­r Morrison said he was extremely “disappoint­ed” the incidents were “being held against us.”

He told the board the venue had 16 CCTV cameras and regularly supplied officers with footage to help other investigat­ions. The pub boss said he gave away 20,000 bottles of water to encourage responsibl­e drinking.

Pointing out how other boozers had closed in Troon, he said:“Granting extended hour applicatio­ns is imperative for businesses to suceed.”

Mr Morrison also said he is a basketball coach with schools and has clocked up 1000 volunteeri­ng hours.

He added:“If you restrict my business capabiliti­es it will have an impact on what I can do in the community.”

Councillor Pollock said:“If you take the violence out of it it is about whether the Gold Cup in Ayr is relevant to a premises in Troon.”

Councillor Siobhian Brown voiced concerns about officers stationed in Ayr for the racing having to be diverted to Troon.

Mr Morrison said:“We have people staying in Troon for the Ayr Gold Cup.”

The applicatio­n for extended hours on September, 19, 20 and 21 was refused. But Cheeky Charlies was granted permission to open late during the Ayrshire Beer Festival in october and Winterstor­m in November.

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