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Estranged dad cliff warning


A man punched himself on the head and made threats of suicide during a domestic incident with his estranged partner.

Martyn Closs, 33, of Walker Road, Ayr, even threatened to drive his car off a cliff.

Closs appeared at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday, September 10 and previously admitted behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner in Arran View, Dunure, on July 9 this year.

At the latest hearing Fiscal Depute Jo Cunningham told the court how the accused and the complainer were in a relationsh­ip for 10 years but it had “come to an end.”

“The accused had difficulty accepting this and sent messages in an attempt to rekindle that relationsh­ip,” said Mrs Cunningham.

“At 1.30pm the complainer sent a message saying that she was blocking his number.

“But 45 minutes later the complainer was at home with three children when the front door went.

“When the complainer answered, it was the accused. He indicated that he wanted to see the children.

“She allowed him into house. He had been on holiday and bought a gift for them.”

The court was told that he gave one of the children a Clipper lighter with the word ‘ Dad’ on it but the complainer thought it was inappropri­ate for a child that age.

Mrs Cunningham said: “The accused then punched himself on the head and threatened to kill himself.”

One of the children present ran up the stairs during the confrontat­ion and Closs was asked to leave.

Later on, though, Closs returned, demanding to know where the wine was kept.

Mrs Cunningham said: “He was searching through the kitchen looking for a bottle of wine and saying he was going to drive over a cliff.”

Police were contacted and Closs was later arrested.

Defence solicitor Steven Maxwell said: “He has had considerab­le difficulty coming to terms with the situation due to his emotional state.”

The Fiscal Depute added: “Arrangemen­ts for the children are in place and contact is made through a third party.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie sentenced Closs to a community payback order which consists of two years of supervisio­n from the social work department.

Closs is also prohibited from contacting his ex- partner without the prior permission of his supervisin­g officer.

A review of the order will be made on December 17.

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