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Waste of tax payers cash


If the Riverside Place residents do have their homes demolished – I wonder if South Ayrshire Council will provide them with a DVD called “Moving out”?

It will make an excellent sequel to “Moving In” – SAC’s hilariousl­y dreadful short film advising new council tenants.

If you’ve got15 minutes to spare – search You Tube – Moving In – South Ayrshire. But don’t do it after a meal – the scene where a “good tenant” scoops up somebody else’s dog poo is particular­ly distressin­g! The less amusing side of all this nonsense is the cost. I’m told SAC signed off £ 17,000 to order 1000 of these DVD’s – plus £ 7500 in director’s fees. And why did they feel Still Game stars Mark Cox and Jane McCarry – two high end profession­al actors – were the only people capable of playing a couple of new home

numpties? It all adds up to £ 25 per DVD.

I could have bought two hours of Kevin Bridges Live for that – and still had change for a fish supper.

It’s worrying enough that someone high up in SAC can dream up these projects. But even more worrying that someone even higher up can approve the budget for them.

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