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Pest of neighbourh­ood gets an ankle tag for his drunken antics


A man taunted a police officer who was trying to take him into custody by calling him a “beefy b***** d.”

Derek Mitchell, 32, of Glebe Crescent, Ayr, appeared at the town’s sheriff court on Tuesday, September 10.

He previously admitted behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner in Glebe Crescent, behaviour likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear and alarm and that he did climb on scaffoldin­g, bang on windows and threaten damage.

The offence took place on June 2 this year and Mitchell also admitted entering a close on Victoria Street in the early hours and banging on doors.

Mitchell further admitted behaving in a threatenin­g or abusive manner on June 24 in Glebe Crescent by shouting and swearing.

Sentence was previously deferred in order to obtain background reports.

When the case returned last Tuesday, Fiscal Depute Jo Cunningham said: “Police were contacted at 3.11am of a male acting in a disorderly manner.

“At 4am, witnesses were in the locus when they became aware of somebody on scaffoldin­g at the building but they were too scared to go to see.”

The court was told how police attended but Mitchell was no longer at the property and had moved on to another address.

“He was drinking alcohol and had been in a close and banging on the doors within,” said Mrs Cunningham.

On a separate charge, police were asked to attend an address at 11.30pm when they found the accused on the pavement outside and “under the influence”.

Mrs Cunningham said: “He kept telling officers to f** k off and resisted. And he told one of them he was a “beefy b***** d”.

Mitchell was told to “calm down” but he did not and so he was arrested and charged.

Defence solicitor John Gallagher said: “He has been abstinent from alcohol for two months now and attending Ayrshire Council on Alcohol.”

Sheriff Desmond Leslie imposed an 18- month supervisio­n order and a restrictio­n of liberty order.

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