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Wife kill threat in dock


A prisoner high on valium made threats to kill his wife as he stood in front of a sheriff.

Lee Mclelland admitted swallowing 10 blue pills in the cells below the courtroom and being “out of my nut” by the time he got into the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court on June 10.

McLelland, 36, a prisoner, admitted shouting, swearing and making repeated threats to kill Janet McLelland.

The case was heard at Hamilton Sheriff Court to avoid any conflict of interest on the part of court officials.

Jennifer Mc L a ren , prosecutin­g, said McLelland was brought into the Ayr courtroom shortly before lunchtime to face a charge of breaching a non- harassment order in respect of his wife.

McLaren told the court: “While in the dock he acted in an aggressive manner, shouting continuall­y towards the sheriff and the public gallery. He was interrupti­ng proceeding­s and shouted continuall­y ‘ I’m going to kill her when I get out’.”

McLelland represente­d himself during the Hamilton hearing.

He told Sheriff Thomas Millar he had written a letter of apology to the presiding sheriff in Ayr.

McLelland explained: “I was out of my nut on valium. I had 10 blue diazepam pills in the court cells and don’t remember what I was shouting.

“She was trying to get me jailed. It’s over now and we are getting divorced.”

Sheriff Millar jailed McLelland for nine months - reduced from 12 due to his guilty plea.

He told the accused: “You must try to keep away from this person.”

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