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Compiled by Irene Howat Imagine the scene. For three days you’ve been part of a large crowd following a famous speaker around the countrysid­e. When everyone’s food runs out, the speaker – his name is Jesus – looks at the crowd of which you are part, and you see the look on his face. It is a look of utter compassion.

Will he go on speaking? No, he stops teaching and miraculous­ly turns a few bread rolls and tiny fish into a meal for 4000 people! Now ask yourself a question. Years later, when you were telling the story to your grandchild­ren, what would remain most clear in your mind? Would it be the meal you ate or the look of compassion you saw on Jesus’ face?

You didn’t hear it, but what Jesus said to his friends was this, ‘ I have compassion on these people.’

And he still has compassion on us. That’s the measure of his love.

( Mark 8: 2)

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