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My husband’s 45 carers


Is the director and the senior managers of South Ayrshire Health and Social CARE partnershi­p ( SAHSCP) holding internal competitio­ns?

Competitio­n Number 1

How many different carers can be sent to a client with advanced dementia? In a seven week period my husband has had 45 DIFFERENT carers.

So on my husband’s behalf I am proposing he is in pole position. Any advances from South Ayrshire residents on 45 different carers? Competitio­n Number 2

How long does a South Ayrshire resident have to wait to speak with a SAHSC manager or receive a returned call / email?

SAHSCP now have a new Partnershi­p. An all new latest technology advanced telephone system.

My starter is for 11 people queuing in front of me waiting on their call being answered.

Any advances from South Ayrshire residents on 11 people in front of you ? Stressed out carer.

Sheila Nowak, McAuslane Way, Troon

Keep it local Why Costa or a Starbucks as mentioned by Martin Dowey ( last week’s Post front page).

Give local business first chance to open business before the multinatio­nal makes it all too similar, I’m sure many would love the opportunit­y to do so. Frank Bonfanti, Ayr

Monstrosit­ies survive I have received an applicatio­n form from the housing department to apply for accommodat­ion.

This is due to the decision of SAC to demolish what is the finest communal accommodat­ion in South Ayrshire.

I cannot express my feeling strongly enough about this diabolical decision to bring down these iconic buildings, when you see the square concrete monstrosit­ies that will be left standing in the town.

Jackson Anderson, Riverside Place, Ayr

Way too windy inside A dead cat story is one used to divert attention.

Quite common these days it appears. This week we are told Douglas Campbell is resurrecti­ng his vision of a Scottish Blackpool with a London Eye on the Low Green! For sure it is way too windy for anything like that thereabout­s but nowhere near as windy as it appears to be INSIDE the County Buildings. How long before the Dear Leader proposes a road bridge to Brodick I wonder? You can bet SAC will be consulting on it very soon! Enough already.

John Dunlop, Wellington Lane, Ayr

Some Monk ton apology I am writing in response to the article in the Post on September 11 regarding Persimmon Homes and Monkton.

Persimmon said they responded as soon as possible but this is not true. They are one of the largest builders in the UK and must have known there was a need for planning permission to erect such a sign but they ignored this process and erected it anyway. Only after objections were lodged by

Monkton Community Council, was their applicatio­n submitted to erect the

sign that was already in place. This was turned down and they appealed it.

The appeal was also rejected. The sign remained in place. Only months after

this the sign was erected did they remove it but they had the cheek to erect it in another field. It is this second sign they were forced to take down.

Their complacenc­y as one of the largest UK builders who are well aware of planning procedures is unbelievab­le. One wonders whether they see themselves with the power to flaunt the law and any processes or procedures in places.

They have a reputation of poor customer service with negative reviews of 55% which far outweigh any positive responses in relation to their new builds

and have been widely criticised across the UK.

This does not give residents the confidence that they will respect the existing infrastruc­ture problems in and around the village of Monkton. I as a resident, do not object to new homes but the village does not have the capacity or the infrastruc­ture to cope with it.

Having recent problems with flooding and sewage in our back gardens I urge the council to reject any plans until the proper infrastruc­ture is in place to cope with any new build.

In the face of all of this the apology from Persimmons can only be interprete­d as “tongue in cheek”. Helen Dickie, Monkton

Season’s a turnin’ I love this time of year in South Ayrshire.

The fruits of harvest are coming home. Gordon C Nicol, Ayr

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