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Whittle steps back in time for tour of textiles

- Stuart Wilson

MSP Brian Whittle has been learning more about Ayrshire’s textile legacy during a visit to MYB Textiles in Newmilns.

Since 1900, Morton Young and Borland have been producing Scottish Leno Gauze, known more commonly as Scottish Madras, and lace.

Today, MYB Textiles are the only company in the world still manufactur­ing high quality lace textiles on the same Nottingham am Lace Looms that were originally installed in 1913. At over 12 metres wide, the looms are so large that the company is able to produce huge pieces of continuous fabric for use in the theatrical industry as stage curtains and backdrops.

After sitting down for a chat with Managing Director, Scott Davidson, and Design Director, Margo Graham, Mr Whittle was shown the various stages of the production process .

Brian said: “It was a pleasure to visit MYB Textiles and see how the business is taking its unique blend of traditiona­l skills and machines and creating products that are in demand around the world today.

“While much of Ayrshire’s textile industry has been lost, I’m delighted that Scott and his team are making the most of the area’s history and traditions to create some of the finest quality lace and textile products out there.”

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