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Thursday September 19

Night Train Plug in and Play Jam, Red Lion, Prestwick, 9.30pm, musicians welcome Twa Dugs two sessions of accoustic music, Ayr, 7.30pm- 1am

Friday September 20

Nico Gaul , Goldberry Bar & Kitchen, Kilmarnock, 7.30pm Accoustic Bowie/ Queen, Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, 7.30pm

Bad Boy Boogie, Twa Dugs, Ayr, 9.15pm

Saturday September 21

Elektric Dreams, 80’ s tribute band, Wildcard, Twa Dugs, Ayr, 9.15pm Bellfield Tavern, Kilmarnock, 8pm Lynn Goff, Goldberry Bar & Kitchen, Kilmarnock, 8.30pm

Badstone, The Alton Inn, Kilwinning, 9pm Rough Cut, Kings Arms, Fewick, 9pm Tangent, Ayr ex- Services, Academy Street, Ayr, 8pm

Sonny Daze and the Restless Knights, Black Bull, Darvel, 9pm

Sunday September 22

Coldham, Black Bull Sunday Sessions, Darvel, 4pm

New Orleans Joymakers, jazz, Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, 2pm- 4pm

Jug Band Jookers, Twa Dugs, Ayr, 3- 5pm Duffy’s Blues, Twa Dugs, Ayr, 6.30- 9.30pm

Monday September 23

Bob’s Brainbuste­r Quiz, 6.30pm- 9.30pm, Twa Dugs, Ayr

Tuesday September 24

Afternoon Show with Steve and friends, Twa Dugs, 2.30pm- 7pm

Wednesday September 25

The Marwills ( Canadian rockers), Twa Dugs, Ayr, 8pm- 11pm

Thursday September 26

Badstone, The T- Bar, Ayr, 9.45pm

Friday September 27

Tina Turner Tribute, Horizon Hotel, Ayr, 7pm

Saturday September 28

End of a Century, Bellfield Tavern, Kilmarnock, 8pm

Escapade, Twa Dugs, Ayr, 9.15pm Just Like Eddie, Ayr Ex- Services, Academy Street, Ayr, 8pm

Sunday September 29

Heartbeat, live cabaret, Ayr Ex- Services, 2pm, tickets £ 7

Friday October

Findlay Napier, Malin Court, Maidens, 7.30pm, Support from Dave Hunter, Beatrice Clark, £ 12

Saturday October 5

The Square Go’s, Bellfield Tavern, Kilmarnock, 8pm

Vintage Vinyl, Black Bull, Darvel, 9pm Bad Boy Boogie, Harleys, Ayr, 9.45pm

Sunday October 6

Escapade, Ship Inn, Ayr, 4pm- 7pm

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