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What a great day for fans


I enjoyed Mike Wilson’s “memory lane” piece last week to celebrate the 50th anniversar­y of of Ayr’s “greatest ever game”– a historic 2 – 1 over Rangers in front of a record breaking crowd.

After reading it, I now know at least four people who were at the game – Mike and his dad ... and me and my dad!

I was too big to sit on the old man’s shoulders - but we managed to get seats in the stand. We were next to another father and son combo who were both draped in Rangers colours. “It’s my boy’s first Rangers game,” said our neighbour. “Ayr was a perfect choice. I thought he’d get to see the seaside, enjoy an ice cream – then come and watch his team rattle in some goals. ” It was Ayr who rattled in the goals. The father and son next to us left 20 minutes early. on the way home – a Rangers’ supporters bus stopped next to us. The windows were a sea of angry faces giving us two fingered gestures. I replied with a two handed signal reminding them the score was actually 2 – 1! I thought the old man was going to give me a row for my crude gesticulat­ion. Instead, he patted my head. “Good one, son” he smiled. And I smiled . . . all the way home.

What a great day.

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