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Residents’ dispute over Saltirefla­g ingarden


A household has railed against a man’s bid to have a Saltire flagpole in his back garden.

James Ross apologised as he submitted a retrospect­ive request to erect a flagpole at his home in Dundonald and said to South Ayrshire Council planners that he didn’t realise he needed permission to plant the structure at the rear of his home.

Mr Ross, of Wilson Place, has hoisted a Scotland flag on the 5-metre pole in his back garden.

But two objections, both from the same household, protested against the retrospect­ive nature of the proposals and said the structure was “unsightly” and took exception to “noise nuisance from rattling/ whistling and flapping of the flag which casts a moving shadow.”

Despite Chris and Carol Ross’ reservatio­ns, South Ayrshire planners approved the proposal with one condition.

The summarised objections were as follows: “retrospect­ive nature of proposals; adverse impact on visual amenity, specifical­ly due to being unsightly, and visible from outwith the site; adverse impact on residentia­l amenity, specifical­ly, noise nuisance from rattling/ whistling and flapping of the flag which casts a moving shadow; adverse impact on property values.”

But council planners rejected the claim that it was unsightly and said that the flagpole was smaller than the applicant’s house.

The local authority also said “the proposed flagpole is not considered to have an adverse impact on the visual amenity of the locality.”

Chiefs said that “It is noted from photograph­s contained within the submission that the flagpole is adorned with the national flag of Scotland (Saltire).

“The flying of a national flag does not require the benefit of advertisem­ent consent nor planning permission.”

 ??  ?? Saltire flag Fury
Saltire flag Fury

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