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- Compiled by Irene Howat

A friend of mine makes dolls, not dolls to play with, but hand-made porcelain dolls that are exquisite works of art. I used to see her yearly, and on each visit I was taken to her studio to see what she had made in the previous year. She goes to no end of trouble in making her dolls. All the different parts of their bodies are set in moulds, rubbed down, fired, painted (freckles an’all, sometimes), joined together then dressed. She makes their clothes with equal care. But even the finest of artists uses materials that already exist. Sculptors use marble, artists work with paints made from a whole variety of elements, and musicians and writers are inspired by what they see with their eyes and feel in their hearts. Only God creates out of nothing. The Bible tells us that,‘God said,“Let there be light,”and there was light.’ God created by his word of power. (see Genesis 1:3)

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