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Upgrades can give a clear path forward


As the Parliament reconvenes following the summer recess, we get down tothe business of delivering for the peopleofSc­otland committing billions ofpounds to tacklethe challenges, and grasp the opportunit­iesfacing us aswe recover from this pandemic.

Iwas pleased to beableto contribute last week totheong o ing campaign to upgrade the A77/A75 trunk roads.

Atthe Parliament’s Public Engagement committee, members agreed to carry forward a petition from the previous parliament­ary sessionloo­king into what more can be doneto improve safety and journey time reliabilit­yon these key routes connecting us to Irelandand­the EU.

We will shortly seethe vast improvemen­ts thatthe Maybole bypass will bring to A77 users, butalso more importantl­y to the folks of Maybole.

I am delighted to seethe progress of theirmuchs­oughtafter and anticipate­d bypass and I know just

how many benefits they will see from this huge infrastruc­ture investment.

The bypass has enabled a multimilli­onpoundtow­n centre regenerati­onproject to kick off andI know thatalong withimprov­edair qualitythe­town will see a renaissanc­e of town centre vibrancy.

Somanyothe­r small towns and villagesfr­om Minishantt­o Kirkoswald and from Girvan to Ballantrae also see theirdaily livesimpac­ted bythe high volumeof HGV trafficen route to the port ofCairnrya­n.

And it is imperat iv et h at improvemen­ts are made that mean tourism, trade and commerce continue unimpeded, but local lives are protected, and communitie­s nurtured aswell.

I will continueto pursue improvemen­ts that benefitthe­se settlement­s in my constituen­cy.

My team and I continue to assist where wecan andcanbeco­ntacted on 01290 319126 orelena.whitham. msp@parliament.scot if you wish to raiseanyco­ncerns or queries with me.

 ??  ?? Road ahead Elena is looking to improve the transport network
Road ahead Elena is looking to improve the transport network

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