Back Street Heroes : 2020-09-01

SHED BUILT : 26 : 26


AFTER MESSING ABOUT WITH MOTORCYCLE­S FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, I DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO ADD LOADS OF STRESS TO MY LIFE BY BUILDING MY OWN SO, ARMED WITH A DISC-CUTTER, A LARGE HAMMER, AND A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE, THE PROJECT BEGAN…. ooking back on it, I really should’ve bought a donor bike, and used that as a base, but I didn’t… hence the saying, ‘We live and learn’. I found an old hardtail frame for sale on a popular auction site for just forty quid, but it really wasn’t great – the chap I got it from’d left it outside for years, and it’d been covered in some form of hard-coated plastic at some point in its life. It was pretty nasty, and the gentleman didn’t have a clue who’d built it originally or for what engine it was for – all he knew was that it was from back in the 1970s (and it was only £40!). I wasn’t really too worried as I was confident I could make this battered mess into some form of motorcycle. L 26 OCTOBER 2020