Back Street Heroes : 2020-09-01

SHED BUILT : 58 : 58


year’s Gloucester­shire & Hereford run held in deepest, darkest Gloucester. Held on the May Bank Holiday, for me it was just under an 80-mile round trip. No point checking the forecast, it’s gonna rain – it’s a Bank Holiday! The Chopper Club, I’ve realised, have a set format for these events as it’s a triedand-tested, well-oiled machine perfected over 45 years of the Club’s history. There’s always a manned breakdown tent where problem bikes can be sorted ready for the return journey home (these are mile-munching custom bikes, no trailer queens here, and things occasional­ly go wrong), and the main marquees are set up into two large areas – one large food hall with a variety of food available, club memorabili­a, and beer tokens (makes life much easier and smoother for the members manning the bar, and for their never-ending customers), and the other area contains the all-important bar, and stage complete with ramps either side. On Saturday night, you see, after the bands’ve blasted out their tunes, it’s customary for the awards to be given out, and it’s equally customary for the winners to ride up on to 58 OCTOBER 2020