Back Street Heroes : 2020-09-01

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www.royalenfie­ 7 OCTOBER 2020 OUR REGULAR, NOT TOO SERIOUS, LOOK AT SOME OF THE MORE POPULAR TERMS USED IN THE MAGAZINE. THIS ISSUE, IT’S THE LETTER ‘O’. OCTANE RATING –the ability of a fuel to resist detonation (pinking); the higher the number the more resistant the fuel is (and thus more suited to high performanc­e/high compressio­n engines). Basically, 95 octane is ‘normal’ unleaded, 98 (or Super Unleaded) is better for your engine, but more expensive ODOMETER – not a dial that measures how bizarre something is, but the counter that registers distance covered OEM – Original Equipment from Manufactur­er, i.e. standard parts (something of a blasphemy amongst these pages) OFFSET – term usually used in reference to the distance between the fork legs and steering stem in a set of yokes, but also to sprockets (to get the fronts and rears to line up when you’ve fitted a wider back wheel) and brake discs (especially on the FJ this issue) OGRI – cartoon character created, by Paul Sample, who rides a NorVin, and who’s featured in Bike magazine, BSH, and even daily newspapers OI, WANKER – biker term of endearment OIL-BOILER – colloquial name for an oil-cooled Suzuki motor, as fitted to early GSXRs and Bandits OIL COOLER – a radiator (kinda) that’s used to reduce the temperatur­e of engine oil OLA – Portuguese word for ‘hello’ that’s regularly used each year in British rally fields after the third weekend in July ON ANY SUNDAY – you’ve not seen it? You’re a waste of skin ONE-OFF – a bespoke part, of which only one has been made. Confusion reigns when somebody makes a pair of one-off wheels… ONE-LUNGER – slightly derogatory nickname for elderly single-cylinder motors, especially things like Panthers, mainly ‘cos they breathe about as well as someone who’s had a lung removed… ONE PERCENTER –a member of a motorcycle back-patch club, a term created by the American Motorcycle Associatio­n after they claimed that one per cent of motorcycli­sts were really rather naughty boys OPEN FACE – helmet without a chin-bar that may, or may not, incorporat­e a face shield. Also known as a pisspot… ORIGINALS – absolutely hangingly oily and ripped jeans worn by bikers back in the ‘70s that their mums really, really wanted to wash… OUTFIT – colloquial name for a bike and sidecar, a means of transport reduced to a laughing stock by On The Buses and Wallace & Gromit OVERHEAD CAM – (OHC) a camshaft mounted above a four-stroke engine’s cylinder head that presses the valves open directly, or by rockers, rather than indirectly using a pushrod OVERHEAD VALVE – (OHV) valves mounted over and above the piston in a fourstroke combustion chamber OVERS – slang term for the extra length of chopper forks (4-inch overs means the forks are four inches longer than stock). Also something to do with cricket, apparently OVER-SQUARE – term used to describe an internal combustion engine that has a bore that’s larger than its stroke (also termed ‘shortstrok­e’)