Back Street Heroes : 2020-09-01

SHED BUILT : 71 : 71


After shooting Mark’s bike (and apologisin­g for being so late), I decided to do the touristy bit on the way out, and stopped at Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, the Cenotaph on Whitehall, and outside the Household Cavalry Museum to get a pic with one of the world-famous Horse Guards. Because of the pandemic, the streets were all pretty much empty, and Trafalgar Square at 4pm was almost eerie, almost as though I was in a zombie film in the moment before the very, but not very, dead attack. The Kat growled (sorry) along the deserted streets, and it should’ve been an absolutely perfect day for riding in The Smoke, but for the bastard 20mph limits that required us to keep to first gear ‘cos second was just that bit too tall. 71 OCTOBER 2020