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B15 Bike & Car MoT Centre, in Kentford in Suffolk (CB8 7PY for your sat-nav), would like you to know about their everexpand­ing charity toy museum.

Currently laid out in two huge containers, but growing almost every day, the collection features thousands of toy cars and bikes, and associated parapherna­lia, the majority still in their packaging, from the last forty-plus years, and is an absolute treasure-trove of the stuff many of us had as kids back in the day. It’s the sort of place you can get absolutely lost in, and is well worth a visit where, for a small donation to charity, you can peruse the whole collection.

B15 Bike & Car MoT Centre is at Tollgate Place, Bury Rd, Kentford (just off the old road from Newmarket to Bury), and their phone number is 01638 428381. They also MoT custom bikes and trikes, too.

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