Back Street Heroes



Hilary left art college in 1984, and began her artistic career concentrat­ing on watercolou­r landscapes.

This led her down the road of combining her love for bikes and painting to where we see her now – custom airbrushin­g and creating beautiful, bespoke designs.

Over the years she has perfected her technique, and’s mastered several different airbrush discipline­s, ranging from single colour tins to wonderful pieces of art that owners’ve requested. Hilary’s particular­ly adept at taking the ideas an owner has for their beloved machine, and turning it into something special. Awards continue to flow as the years role on, and her passion for airbrushin­g never seems to wane.

The Benelli digger-style chop she painted recently’s further evidence of her work, with an intricate gold leaf design that took a lot of concentrat­ion to complete to this very high standard. The bike won Best Paint at the Copdock bike show last year, and’ll have been presented at Tobacco Dock for the Bike Shed Show in May this year.

Hilary is the full package, and can do everything from ground-up repairs through to completed art if required. Give her a shout if you want your bike transforme­d or refreshed at hurricane6­

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