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The MCIA (Motorcycle Industry Associatio­n, along with a broad range of organisati­ons including road safety and training experts, government department­s, and respected associated organisati­ons, has recently launched the Elite Rider Programme to increase the number of riders undertakin­g post-test rider training, and to motivate riders to ride considerat­ely toward other road users and the environmen­t.

To support it, they’ve launched an Elite Rider Hub – a ‘one-stop shop’ where riders’ll be able to find a wealth of informatio­n and support to improve their skills. The Hub contains informatio­n and contact details of the nationally available post-test rider training schemes, with advice for riders, and links to book training, making it easier for riders to identify the most suitable post-test training opportunit­ies. So, if you’re looking to be a better rider, but don’t know where to start, visit


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