Back Street Heroes



Guy Martin can’t sit still – he has to keep pushing, both himself and whatever machine he’s piloting, to the extreme. He’s a doer, not a talker. That applies whether he’s competing in a selfsuppor­ted 750-mile mountain bike race across Arizona; trying to reach 300mph in a standing mile on the 800-horsepower motorbike he built in his shed; travelling through Japan; setting records for the world’s fastest tractor; recreating the famous Steve McQueen Great Escape jump; discoverin­g the toil and sacrifice of the D-Day landings; or trying to cut the mustard as a Battle of Britain pilot.

This is Guy Martin’s latest book, in his own words, on the last four years of his life that make the rest of us look like we’re in slow motion. Get it from all good bookshops or online retailers.

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