Back Street Heroes



Since the Stone Age, the Walkabout’s been an Aboriginal rite of passage; adolescent boys wander aimlessly through the bush on a journey with no particular destinatio­n, to make the spiritual transition from boy to man – a time for self-assessment and deep thought, to learn about himself without the influence of his elders, friends or family; a physical and psychologi­cal journey. Chris Donaldson isn’t of Aboriginal descent, but he set off from Belfast on his Moto Guzzi with the same determinat­ion, on a journey of self-discovery, and ended up high in the Andes and, 50-odd thousand miles later, returned to Belfast – an amazing adventure, fuelled by petrol (and golden syrup!), done before Google maps, mobile ‘phones and social media, all done with the best of Belfast humour.

An excellent read, get it from all good bookshops or online retailers.

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