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Each ques­tion has four pos­si­ble an­swers and is worth from one to 15 points. Cir­cle your cho­sen

an­swers and keep a record of your points to­tal. Max­i­mum to­tal points 120.

QUES­TION 1 – for 1 point: What type of ear might a boxer have af­ter a fight? A Cab­bage ear B Potato ear C Cau­li­flower ear D Broc­coli ear QUES­TION 2 – for 2 points: What do Rus­sians make in a samovar? A Vodka B Bread C Tea D Beet­root soup QUES­TION 3 – for 3 points: What is the sta­ple diet of the koala bear? A Sugar cane B Eu­ca­lyp­tus leaves C Witch­etty grubs D Honey from wild bee nests QUES­TION 4 – for 4 points: In which TV se­ries did Pa­trick Stewart play Jean-Luc Pi­card? A Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion B Baby­lon 5 C Blake’s 7 D The Hitch­hiker’s Guide To The Gal­axy QUES­TION 5– for 5 points: What is the fruit of the egg­plant called? A Aubergine B Kiwi fruit C Av­o­cado D Mango QUES­TION 6 – for 6 points: Which West In­dian is­land was evac­u­ated in 1997 fol­low­ing a ma­jor vol­canic erup­tion? A Do­minica B Gre­nada C Mar­tinique D Montser­rat QUES­TION 7 – for 7 points: In which state is Fort Knox, home of the US gold re­serves? A Ari­zona B Florida C Cal­i­for­nia D Ken­tucky QUES­TION 8 – for 8 points: In the long-run­ning TV se­ries New Tricks, who played the part of DAC Robert Strickland be­tween 2005 and 2015? A Tim McIn­nerny B An­thony Calf C Phil Daniels D David Troughton QUES­TION 9 – for 9 points: What is the spe­cial­ity of an or­tho­don­tist? A Frac­tures of the bones B Cor­rect­ing crooked teeth C Dis­eases of the eye D Ear, nose and throat QUES­TION 10 – for 10 points: Which US ac­tor was a driv­ing force in the re­con­struc­tion of Lon­don’s Globe Theatre? A Rod Steiger B Sam Wana­maker C Michael Dou­glas D Larry Hag­man QUES­TION 11 – for 11 points: Which of these Bri­tish cy­clists was not part of the three-man sprint team which won the gold medal at the 2012 Olympics? A Bradley Wiggins B Philip Hin­des C Chris Hoy D Jason Kenny QUES­TION 12 – for 12 points: What is the trade of a lap­idary? A Tea tast­ing B Men’s tai­lor­ing C Gem­stone pol­ish­ing D Fin­ger­print match­ing QUES­TION 5 – for 5 points: Who de­signed the fa­mous con­i­cal bra worn by Madonna? A Daniel Hechter B Chris­tian Lacroix C Jean Paul Gaultier D Ted Lapidus QUES­TION 14 – for 14 points: What is the source of ren­net, used to sep­a­rate curds and whey in cheese-mak­ing? A A calf’s stom­ach B A stur­geon’s swim blad­der C Al­bu­men (egg white) D A sheep’s gall blad­der QUES­TION 15 – for 15 points: Bizet’s opera The Pearl Fish­ers is set on which is­land? A Tahiti B Cey­lon (Sri Lanka) C Crete D Bali

Ac­tor Pa­trick Stewart. See Ques­tion 4

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